5 Best Startup Companies Around

5 Best Startup Companies Around

Startups are basically business ideas that are engineered by budding entrepreneurs to be successful in the market. These ideas find the most efficient solutions to problems that are a part of everyday monotonous life or sometimes that eases the stress of the people by providing them with modern and at the same time creative solution to their problems. There are a number of startup companies that have started from the scratch and today are multi-million companies. We will focus on the 5 best startup companies that are around and have successfully captured the Indian market.

They are as follows
• Ola cabs
• Paytm
• Flipkart
• Snapdeal
• Big basket


First of them is Ola cabs, it was co- founded by its visionary Bhavish Aggarwal who deeply studied the problems of transport issues in India. In the year 2010, his company was launched with an aim of providing passengers with transport at cheap rates and also in a short time period. The rates offered by Ola cabs had a huge margin when compared with the normal taxis; hence people preferred this mode of transportation. This company soon went on to introduce different levels of travel taxis such as small cars for short rides, luxury cars for business meetings and even share a cab wherein the passenger can avail up to 50% off by sharing his ride with other co-passengers who are travelling in the same direction, hence it has become the most preferred way to travel today.

Another great startup company is that of Paytm, it is an e-wallet and at the same times also allows users to purchase goods and services. It was the brainchild of Vijay Shekar Sharma which was introduced to the general public in the year 2009. This application is faster, safer and efficient payment for goods and services and thus avoiding the risk of misplacing physical money. It also allows consumers to book rail, bus, hotels, air travel and also movie tickets. The process of uploading money is very simple wherein one has to just fill in their bank details and select the amount they wish to transfer. This application proved to be beneficial while the demonetization took place in India and also supports the digital India movement.


Another great startup is the master creation of Sachin Bansal which is Flipkart, started in a single apartment; this company today is over 17 billion. This was started just by selling books but later progressed to different and categories and within a span of few years, it sells almost everything that is required by consumers


Snapdeal also was a great startup company that today secures its position among the top 10 Indian e-commerce sites. It started by just selling coupons that offered a discount for various services but later on in the year 2009 converted itself into a fully-fledged e- commerce site.

5. Big Basket

Another great startup is that of the big basket which offers online shopping of all grocery and home needs. It allows customers to sit in the comfort of their home and have their desired grocery products delivered to their doorstep within a short period time.