7 tips on how to design online product catalog

7 tips on how to design online product catalog

Designed to attract

In a world which is obsessed with visuals, it becomes imperative that designers seek out a greater deal from the sites they create. Every site has its own needs and fulfillments and hence is built separately. It has to be ascertained the purpose one fulfills. An online catalog has a specific task and that is to attract the consumer into buying the product. In this article we are going to look at a few aspects of what goes into creating a blockbuster online catalog:

1. Brand Identity

It is the most important feature of any marketing drive. Creating a brand identity has perhaps been the marketing managers and the advertisement Guru’s greatest challenge as well as success. An organization will have to rely on its brand Equity to create a space for itself in an overwhelmingly competitive field. One has to stand out from the crowd and brand identity does just that. The online catalog will play around the strength of the brand and push it across the consumer’s mental barrier.

2. Design

No matter how strong the brand is, if the design of the catalog does not match up to the hype, the entire marketing strategy falls flat on its face. Designing the catalog should take into account the section of people one is targeting. There should be clearly demarcated portions for the different products the catalog intends to showcase. Also, tables of contents make it easier for the user to locate the products he or she might be looking for.

3. Catalog Photography

This makes or breaks a catalog. Good photography elevates, bad ones demotivate. No consumer will be able to relate the product with oneself if the images in the catalog are not well taken. The world of consumerism runs on visuals and the right colors in the right portion will go a long way in creating the right environment for a sale to happen. The photography should be good enough where consumers end up interacting with it. Like a soul-stirring moment.

4. The ways to order

If you make things difficult for the customer, sales will dry up. There should be as many channels of ordering as possible. The toll-free number needs to be clearly mentioned and accessible in the catalog. There need to be options provided to consumers. Not everyone might want to mail. Some might, surprisingly, would want to mail in. It is always a good practice to keep the communication channels varied.

5. Promotions

They are nothing but drives which create an image of need in the mind of the customer. Promotions are cleverly designed processes and have the sole objective of luring an individual into buying. A promotion will only be successful if the message sent out is clear and precise. Consumers like it straight.

6. Creating the niche

Generic catalogs are more like Yellow Pages. It is the niche or segmented ones which companies look out for. They go directly to the intended target.  

7. Satisfy the desire

Is your catalog doing that? If not, there could be a few things that might have gone wrong.

  1. Incorrect customer reach
  2. Bad design
  3. Insufficient brand awareness

These are a few things which need to be looked into.