BCCI Funding Issue with ICC, and India Playing Champions Trophy

BCCI Funding Issue with ICC, and India Playing Champions Trophy

The Indian Cricket Board also knew by the name of Board of Cricket Control in India is at loggerheads with the global cricket council known by the name of International Cricket Council and abbreviated as ICC. It is rumored that until and unless the issue is resolved within a few days, the BCCI would take the drastic step to pull out from the Champions Trophy that is slated to be played from the first of July. In this context, it is interesting to note that the Champions Trophy would be held in England and the Indian team is one of the clear-cut favorites in this tournament. This tournament is also known as mini world cup in which the major test playing nations participate.

This mini-crisis happened after the global cricket council has adopted a revised administrative and revenue model thereby ignoring the plan that was formulated by the Indian board under the leadership of N Srinivasan. It is a plan that was formulated to provide England, Australia, and India a significant share of the revenues of the global cricket. On the other hand, the BCCI has not yet selected the players who are slated to play in the Champions Trophy. Moreover, the board has also missed the deadline which was 25 April. Hence, it is quite evident that there are some miffed people within the board. Many cricket experts have speculated that in the next couple of days, there would be some decision-making sessions and business sessions that would be held at the board meetings.  

On the flipside, the Committee of Administrators has demanded that the BCCI should make the air by selecting the players and the squad for the Champions Trophy. Moreover, there are chances that the Committee of Selectors should send notice to the ICC by reporting that the BCCI has breached the code of conduct. The 2014 constitution of the ICC depicted that India would get a major portion of the share but the present records suggest that India has been denied the promised shares. As we all know that India is known as a cricket superpower. Cricket is a religion in India, and hence the BCCI earns a handsome amount of revenue and shares. However, it is important to mention that the BCCI also controls a major portion of the decision-making process related to cricket in the Asian region. On the other hand, the BCCI is also seen as a board that generates a lot of revenue in the world cricket too and hence is considered as the most powerful cricket board in India.

If the BCCI do not send its men cricket team to England for the Champions Trophy, then it is quite evident that a majority of the broadcasters would be rendered cashless. Besides that many sponsors would lose ground if India pulls out of the Champions Trophy. It is so because the BCCI gives a major portion of its revenues to the sponsors and it is a dream come true for every sponsor to support the Indian team.

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