Can we ahead of WW-III

Can we ahead of WW-III

The restive Middle East and the battle for supremacy have further taken the world towards the brink of a global crisis. With the entire world, barring Russia and China to an extent, standing against the Assad government, it clearly can be seen as a new beginning of another cold war.
It all started in the year 2011, March when protesters were violently cracked down by government forces in Darra. The last 6 years has seen almost 400000 Syrians getting killed, 5 million fleeing the country and an estimated 6 million displaced internally. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been in power from 2000 and has been charged with calculated genocide and more recently gassing his own citizens. Something which he denies vehemently. Last week the US launched airstrikes into Syria as tension keeps on escalating. The rise of the ISIS is a major problem and with the world, already reeling under the vanguard of Islamic Terrorism, faces a new challenge.

The main contenders in this slug fest are the Syrian government led by Assad and backed by Russia, the Kurds ISIS and a composition of other oppositions such as Jaish Al Fateh et al.
The stand Russia has taken is quite clear. It will keep propping up the Assad regime as they feel this will act as the bulwark against not just the US and its allies but also check the spread of ISIS or “Daesh” as it is also called. The Russian government, led by Vladimir Putin, had accused the Americans of duplicity and keeps blaming them for the creation and spread of ISIS.

At the other end of the world is the ensuing crisis, which involves North Korea and the US. As Kim Jong Un keeps issuing threats to the South Koreans, Japans and pretty much everybody willing to listen, barring China, the South Asian country, seems to be hurtling down the barrel. President Trump has, in fact, in a presidential speech advised North Korea to walk down the road of peace and have also urged China to actively pursue North Korea, for the same. However, he did mention in the same breath that the US would in the absence of any meaningful cooperation from the Chinese, will fight out alone. A nuclear-armed North Korea was detrimental to not just the US but the entire world. In the meantime, the South China Sea has become the new flair point as China has claimed its possession over the whole water body. Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan contest this and the US navy has been deployed ratcheting up concerns for a military confrontation. Sensing trouble China has also massed troops near the North Korean border and it is seen more to counter American forces than force Kim’s hand.

There is a humanitarian crisis that is unfolding in Syria, North Korea is gradually pushing the world to the brink, the South China Sea is boiling and all this does make me wonder whether we are heading towards a World War III. Highly unlikely, but geopolitics has always been whimsical. While hope has always been in short supply, it is faith that has been the greatest casualty.

No matter what, history has been evidence, wars have not helped any nation. Be it the winning side or the losing side, both have to bear the brunt. It literally took years for Europe to recover after the first and the second world war. So it would only be logical for the leaders of all the powerful nations to resolve all the issues peacefully. According to the strategists, if WW III happens, the damage would be manifold because the technological advancements has been immense since the last two world wars. There are not just more advanced nuclear weapons but also highly sensitive biological weapons that could leave deformities for generations.

Hence, it is in the best interest of all the countries that the idea of WWIII can be pushed as far as possible. Otherwise, the casualties and the harms would be unpredictable.