Facebook and their Plan to Go for Video Monetization

Facebook is a huge and one of the largest social media platforms that have captivated the entire world. It is the medium through which people connect globally be it for business or personal purposes. This is social media platform has an estimated 1.86 billion monthly active users and keeps growing at an increasingly fast pace. Through Facebook, one can share their opinions, pictures, videos, location and much more with people all around the world. This social media platform is making new progress and developments each day, one of their recent plans are the monetization of videos across their platform. The benefits are as follows:
• Gives an opportunity for video creators to earn
• Encourages more people to create
• Gives users a pleasurable viewing experience
• Is beneficial to the users, Facebook as well as video creators
Videos that are streamed over this platform are getting more popular and have recently reached a milestone of four billion in a period of just one year. However, until this plan was executed video creators and developers couldn’t earn any kind of income out of their content that was posted on the social media platform. However with the video monetization plan, it will give them an opportunity to earn revenue out of their content posted and also at the same time will encourage them to work harder to come up with appealing, creative and unique content. The revenue split of Facebook marketing and the video creators and developers will be pretty much similar to that of YouTube marketing wherein 55% of the amount that is earned will be sent to the video creators/directors and the remaining 45% will be with Facebook.

The program has begun with just a few video content creators such as fox sports, NBA, Hearst, Tastemade and Funny or dies and plans to expand too many more video creators in the years to come. However on must keep in mind that the revenue split which is undertaken by Facebook is much more intricate than that of YouTube, this mainly because the videos that are streamed on Facebook play automatically with the sound off and users having to watch ads rather than videos would lead to them getting annoyed and hence can prove to be a risk.

Keeping this in mind Facebook came up with an entire new way to watch videos on its platform wherein once a user clicks on a particular video he will be directed to a black screen that will stream the videos and will also have a number of suggested videos which can be instantly after it, during the streaming of such videos, Facebook ads will be shown and it wouldn’t annoy the user as the video sound will already be functional. Facebook has tried this new feature with a certain section of the ios users and plans to soon try out with a larger base such as that of android. Going with the initial reviews many users have suggested that the new way to watch videos is indeed a splendid experience. These reviews will be beneficial to both the video creator and directors as well the social media platform. In the coming months as new video creator’s project their content it will help the social media platform to grow extensively