How to Create and Manage iOS And Android Apps

How to Create and Manage iOS And Android Apps

Developing your own mobile app but don’t know which mobile app development platform to choose? Don’t worry about reading this post will soothe down all your worries!

With more and more mobile apps developing, the demand for mobile app development is also increasing. App development is a profitable business but to make most of it, you need a reliable and efficient app development platform. Since a single platform can cater all your mobile app development needs, so it is essential to select a platform that is suited to your goals, aims, and challenges.

Hence, here we list the best mobile app development platforms for iOS and Android Apps!

1. Mobile Roadie

Established in 2009, it is an excellent platform to create and manage Android or iOS app. This platform is enriched with mobile marketing solutions and app creating tools. It supports all forms of media, ranging from events, education, to music. It is an award-winning service offering software that till date has created more than 500 apps successfully. Universal Pictures, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Taylor Swift are some of the apps developed on this platform.

2. Corona Labs

An efficient mobile app and gaming development app is Corona Lab. This platform offers developers an instructional manual to make it convenient for them to use it adequately. Hence, if you are not a professional and still want to develop an incredible iOS and Android gaming app then this is an excellent platform.

3. Unity

Unity is one of the reliable and powerful mobile app development platforms that is ideal to develop all sorts of apps. It comes with free tutorials, course-ware, product documentation, online training, and Unity community support to build a perfect app for your device. Just check out the pricing plans for Unity as these are amazing too!

4. Appy Pie

As its name suggests, Appy Pie is a mobile app development platform that believes creating an app is as easy as preparing a pie. The app comes with cloud-based DIY mobile creating a tool allowing users to create powerful Android and iOS apps even when they lack sufficient coding and programming skills. You just have to drag pages to generate an app online and you will be able to send push notifications, monetize ads, track location through GPS, and witness live notifications. So, if you wish to create a powerful and sophisticated app then this is an ideal platform to consider.

5. TheAppBuilder

TheAppBuilder is another powerful mobile app development platform that is ideal to develop professional and powerful applications. This platform is exclusively customized to suit specific high-end applications from different corporates and organizations. For this reason, it is also known as an ‘enterprise app builder.’

6. Xamarin

With more than 1.4 million developers and more than 15,000 companies using this platform, Xamarin enables developers across the world to develop native Windows, Android, and iOS apps with a single shared C# coding. It is a versatile platform offering an advanced programming language with robust tools and a potential to deploy the apps created across numerous eco-systems.

7. PhoneGap

If you have a fair knowledge of coding then PhoneGap is a robust mobile app development platform to consider. It uses the Adobe-owned tool based on open source Apache Cordova and is absolutely free to use. It enables developers to create apps in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. With its single code base system, it creates multiple platforms including Windows Phone, Android, Web OS, and iOS.

There are numerous mobile app development platforms that vary according to capabilities, features, and needs. Hence, if you lack proper coding experience then you can go for an app builder platform that does not need you to code.