Important Social Media Updates for 2017

Important Social Media Updates for 2017

With the advent of technology, our lives have become a juxtaposition of bytes and pixels. We are run on schedules and powered by information. The world runs on information and the one who holds the key to it is the new king. Information is the new oil.

And the ones propagating this information are the moguls of our times. The social media, the uncrowned king of the virtual world, virtually taking over the planet with its reach and content, has been transforming. It has been making changes to remain relevant. In a crowded field of upstarts and the old world, change they say, is the only constant.

Let us have a look at the changes the social media might undergo in the year 2017:


The social media emperor at the moment and runs whatever it sees. Facebook has been evolving and today it is not only the most prolific social media platform but a heaven for businesses and marketing too. However, it is also a place for falsehood. There has been a surge in the creation and spreading of fake news and Facebook intends to tackle it seriously. False information poses a grave danger to society and countries at a large and hence the organization has come up with their new anti-fake news tools. Disputed contents are red flagged and observed before being trashed.


The Facebook of the professional world, LinkedIn has added new features in its photo uploading section. It has created newer editing tools which will help the uploader to crop and view pictures better. One can manipulate color settings and also take help from the six new color filters.


The social platform has recently upped their ante in the field of advertisements. Following Google’s success in this area, pinners can now be counted as followers.


The other big daddy of social media, Twitter has changed the way a community communicates. There has been a lot of transformation that Twitter has bought unto itself. The earlier limit of 140 characters remains but the usernames once added in the replies will not reduce that number.

It has also changed the appearance of the replies. Moreover, additional filters have been added to help the user to do away with notifications and unwanted news feed and stuff one would not like to see or be associated with. Twitter is also offering a premium version of its Tweetdeck, and it is primarily targeting businesses and marketers.


The big daddy of virtual visuals, YouTube, too, has made some changes. From May 2, it has announced that is is going to do away with the annotation editor. Replacing it will be the End screen and cards. This, they feel will let the creator more access to a greater audience and hence a greater reach. These new features are both mobile and desktop compatible and will help videos cater to a larger audience better and also ratchet up better figures.