Write For Us

Write for Us

While I respect kindness, good will and intentions, I would never accept any guest contribution that is lower in quality than my own posts. If you cannot comprehend that analogy, you’re out of luck as far as contributing to this blog goes. I love thoughtful, educational, promotion-less, and informational content – that is what this website is about.

Topics Covered:
1. Digital Marketing
2. News
3. Business
4. Crowdfunding
5. Technology

Types of Content Accepted at Blogmart:
1. How to get something done
2. Tutorials
3. Personal News
5. Resource Article
6. Compelling News
7. Video Tutorials

Quality Guidelines:
We are looking for posts that teach and give value to our readers. We would like to avoid posts on topics that have been covered many times over. You will greatly increase your chances of getting accepted as a guest author, if you can accomplish to follow all of these little quality guidelines:
1. The length of the content should be anywhere from 800 to 2,000 words.
2. Images should be your own, if you copied from somewhere else, mention the source.
3. You should back up your own declarations with links to 3rd party resources, research and studies that add meaning to the content you’re writing. It does not mean you can just add links to your own site that is acceptable only when extremely relevant.

Submit A Guest Post:
1. Introduce yourself, what kind of content you are providing, and a link to your website or any social media account.
2. It would be great if you provide a link of a previously submitted guest post. (If applicable)
3. It takes roughly 1-3 days for me to get back to those who pitch their ideas. Don’t give up if I’m being late with the response, I reply to each and every submission I get.

I am providing one no-follow and one do-follow link to your article/blog. Mention your resources wisely.
Email us at: blogmartorg@gmail.com or Contact Us.