YouTube killing Best feature in May 2nd

Ever since YouTube came into being, the world had indeed become a global village. Connected by videos and features, netizens could now afford to watch all that was happening elsewhere from the comforts of their homes. What separated YouTube was that unlike the news channels, this was primarily meant to be a private space with music videos, movies, tutorials and a host of other things.

Over the years, YouTube has been able to garner a legion of fans from across the world, defying time zones, communities and regional barriers. It has also established itself as a leading marketing tool and brand managers view YouTube to be one of the single biggest sources of new leads and increase sales.

Over a period of time, You Tube had revolutionized the way videos were to be watched and annotations played an integral part of it. This allowed the creator of videos to add clickable links to their videos. Come May 2 and this feature will be taken off and replaced by, as per Muli Salem, product manager at YouTube, cards. These cards will be placed at the end screens and will allow the creators to reach a wider audience. They are easy to create too and YouTube expects it to become a rage, thereby pushing memberships up and reinvigorating the economic cycle.

Let us look at some of the facts in regards to this new YouTube Feature:

  1. The End Screens and Cards work on mobile. Annotation editors came from an era when mobile entertainment had yet to take off. Annotations Editor was mainly a desktop tool and with 60 % of YouTube viewership being done from the mobile, it really made no sense to continue with a technology which did not have the intended reach.
  2. It has been seen that End Screens and Cards were being more favored than the annotations. In fact, a survey found out that on an average, 12 annotations were being closed before one was being clicked. A large percentage of viewers were closing them altogether.
  3. Crushing the earlier speculation that cards and end screens might be a challenge for the creators, YouTube has particularly mentioned that these were extremely easy to use and much quicker too. YouTube said that adding End Screen was 10 times faster. One can now import End Screens for other videos or may even use dynamic overlays. This has been a boon, especially for those with a perennial shortage of time.

The End Screen feature allows a creator to add thumbnail overlays at the end of the video and this, YouTube, says will encourage viewers from taking specific actions. The last 15 to 20 seconds is the place where these thumbnails will be added and this would, in turn, encourage the viewers to watch the other videos of the creator.

One of the best parts about these overlays is that they are mobile as well as desktop friendly.

In today’s world of mobility, the ones which provide adventure are sought